About the Blog

First off, welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far! Below, I’ve answered a couple of questions for you!

How long have you been blogging? I created this particular blog in April 2015 and started blogging on the regular in September of the same year. But, I’ve actually been blogging off and on since 1999 (I was 13!!). Back then, I owned a personal website and did all my own coding and designs.

What is your blog about? Right now, my blog is focused on beauty reviews, hauls and unboxings of subscription boxes. I never intended beauty to be its main subject matter but I quickly realized I loved having something to write about that was fun and engaging!

Why did you start a blog? I wanted to get back into writing and blogging but I didn’t want to go back to having a personal blog. While I reveal some personal stuff on my blog, I don’t divulge certain aspects of my life. In real life, I’m actually a shy person with severe social anxiety! This blog has allowed me to socialize with an amazing community while also keeping some anonymity.

How did you come up with the blog name “Tigritsa Beauty?” From 2002-2009, tigritsa.net was my personal website and when I decided to get back into blogging, it only felt right to bring it back from the grave. Since my blog organically became a beauty blog, I chose to add “Beauty” to the title so readers knew what to expect from my site. I chose Tigritsa as my online identity because I’ve always been obsessed with tigers. Tigritsa is the Russian word for tigress!

What’s with your blog titles? I start all my blog titles with “the one with” and finish with the subject of the post. I am a huge Friends fan (the tv show) and all of their episode titles start with “the one with.” I couldn’t help but incorporate my love for the show into my own blog, and I must say it’s been really cool when people recognize the reference!


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