About the Blog

First off, welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far! Below, I’ve answered a couple of questions for you!

Why did you start a blog? I didn’t start this blog to become internet famous. It’s actually quite the opposite. Having severe social anxiety, writing has helped me a lot. Blogging about beauty boxes has allowed me to do what I love – write and blog – without revealing too many personal things. Although I had a personal blog growing up, as an adult, I prefer to keep my life private. Especially with the way the internet has changed over the years with the introduction of social media!

What is your blog about? Right now, my blog is focused on reviews and unboxings of beauty subscription boxes. I never intended that to be it’s main subject matter but I quickly realized I loved writing about them. It’s also been a great way to continue updating my blog when I had nothing personal I wanted to write about.

How long have you been blogging? I created this particular WordPress blog in April 2015 and started blogging on the regular in September of the same year. But, I’ve actually been blogging off and on since 1999 (I was 13!!).

How did you come up with the blog name “Tigritsa?” From 2002-2009, tigritsa.net was my personal website and when I decided to get back into blogging, it only felt right to bring it back from the grave. I chose Tigritsa as my online identity because I’ve always been obsessed with tigers. Tigritsa is the Russian word for tigress!