The One with the Fading Friend


Can I just say that it might be time to turn on the heat pretty soon? I still can’t believe November is almost over and we haven’t turned it on yet. But the nights are getting really cold, so we’ll have to give in sooner or later.

Anyway, my last handful of entries have been subscription box reviews. I never intended for the main focus of my blog to be reviews but it’s something I found fun to do, so I will continue writing them. But I also want to make sure I use this spot as a place to write my thoughts. I really need somewhere away from Facebook and Twitter where I can say what is really on my mind without having to worry about people from “real-life” reading it. A diary, if you will.

I don’t even know where to start. It’s funny when you have all these thoughts circling your brain, but you don’t know how to express them. Basically, there’s a lot of back story to what I want to get off my chest, so I’m not sure it will make sense if I leave it all out. But then, I feel my post would be too wordy if I include it all. Hmmmm.

Let me just start by saying I have bad anxiety, so maybe a lot of this is made up in my head. It’s entirely possible. But, I also know that I get hunches and feelings about things, and I usually have a pretty good read on things. So it’s hard to know if it’s the anxiety talking or if I should legitimately feel this way.

I just feel like my best friend has no time for me. But I’m getting a little salty because she always seems to have time for her other best friend. I know a lot of this has to do with jealousy on my end, but I feel like it is justified because I keep getting the short end of the stick. I don’t have a lot of friends, let alone close friends, so it’s hard to see my best friend leave me in the dust.

Truthfully, I don’t think my best friend even knows how she is making me feel, which just makes matters worse. If I speak up and say something, things will be so awkward. I just hate that. I don’t want to cause a fight either. I need to somehow let her know without making it seem like I’m hating on the other girl. I don’t blame the other girl at all. It’s not her responsibility to make sure our friend is being an equally good friend to me, right? So I can’t hold anything against her. I know if I say something about all of this, it would come across as me being unsupportive of their friendship.

A little back story… my best friend was also best friends with this girl many years ago. I am just going to give them fake names so my descriptions make more sense. We’ll call my best friend Jerrica, and her best friend Shana (yes, those are Jem & the Holograms characters!). They went around 5 years without speaking because Shana suddenly decided she didn’t want to be friends with Jerrica anymore. She thought Jerrica gave her a bad name, so she cut her out of her life completely.

I guess Shana had a change of heart and regretted her decision, because a couple of years later, she messaged Jerrica wanting to get together and put the past behind them. But she suddenly changed her mind and blocked Jerrica on Facebook. Fast forward another couple of years and the two of them finally reconciled. Jerrica was still very hurt by what Shana had done to her, but wanted the old friend that she remembered back. Pretty much ever since, these two have been inseparable.

My friendship with Jerrica has been 11 years strong. She really is my favourite person outside of my immediate family. Actually, I would probably place her above most of my family, too. :P  So what is bothering me? Ever since she became friends with Shana again, she’s always with her, and she always seemed to hide it. I tried to subtly hint about it but I don’t think it worked, and I was too chicken to come out and say it.

Maybe I just expect too much from her. But at the same time, we have always had a “TMI” relationship. We tell each other everything. Or so I thought. Literally, she knows everything that goes on with me. If I went out with a different group of friends, she knew about it. Not because I needed permission or because she had to know what I was doing, but because it’s just the way we are. No, were. I would come home and tell her about how awkward it was, or what interesting thing came up in conversation. I liked telling her this stuff because my boyfriend couldn’t care less about girl talk, so it was nice having someone to share everything with.

So while I continued to overshare my life, I noticed her life got a lot more secretive. It just made me wonder why. Why doesn’t she want me to know she is hanging out with her? What is the big deal? Why do I always read so much into things? I could be totally off, but it’s just how I felt. I think a big part of it was because when the two of them were first working out their issues and becoming friends again, Jerrica really leaned on me for support. It was hard on her, and I was very supportive and encouraging, and talked to her a lot about it. So to go from sharing everything to seemingly hiding stuff, it just feels so sketchy to me.

Things changed a little and Jerrica began telling me some things. She never wanted to use Shana’s name when saying, “I went to ___ and did ___.” I literally had to ask who she went with every time, and I found that so odd. And I still rarely heard about the fun things they did together, which for me is just so weird, considering how we always relay our stories to each other. But at least it seemed like she wasn’t trying to hide it as much as before. I don’t even know if she was actually trying to hide anything at all. It’s just all the way it was coming across to me.

I also noticed a serious decline in our hang out time. It really sucks because she’s the only person I feel comfortable saying on the day of, “hey, let’s do something.” Everyone else, I feel like I need to make plans in advance. But, she never seems available. For me, that is. Why are you so busy with work and can’t hang out with me but you always have time for her? It’s just making me mad at this point.

We just had a conversation about how busy she is and she’s working every day so she doesn’t have time to hang out right now. But then I see pictures of her and Shana on Facebook hanging out……okay. I wonder if she realizes how that makes me feel? Don’t tell me that you don’t have time to hang out with me, but then apparently have the time to hang out with other people. That’s not fair at all. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to invite her to do anything. It’s just always a no. It’s one thing if she was being truthful but when you make time for one friend, and not your best friend, put yourself in their shoes and try to see how it feels.

She really is a good friend, and I hate saying anything negative about her. But this is something that has been simmering in my mind for quite some time, and this whole “too busy” thing has perhaps sent me over the edge. We even had a conversation recently how people say they are too busy as an excuse and if they really want to talk to someone, they’ll make time. I guess it’s one thing to say it, and another to actually follow through with it.

I’m sure she would have a perfectly good explanation for everything I’m saying, but at this point, I’m just done. Not done with the friendship. Just done with being understanding. Because I don’t understand. I would hate to make my best friend feel like she doesn’t matter. She matters a lot to me. She’s the one person I feel like I can share everything with, and I just want it to go back to that. I want to see her. I want to do fun things, or just chill, or go shopping, or eat. I don’t care. I want her to share things with me like she used to. Did I do something to make her want to hang out less? Or talk less? Is this my paranoia talking?

Maybe I’m just not fun to talk to anymore. The reason I bring that up is because of the way Jerrica is when she is with Shana. Those two are just awful for judging other people on their lives and the way they look. Jerrica is always tagging Shana on Facebook on sassy memes about judging people, and it just rubs me the wrong way. Why are you so proud of that? It’s interesting that Shana stopped being friends with Jerrica because she thought Jerrica gave her a bad name, but it was the other way around. Shana rubs off on Jerrica so much and it makes me sad.

So maybe I am just getting less and less fun to hang out with. If sitting around talking shit is “fun,” then I’m glad I’m not fun. I don’t know. Most of the time, when Jerrica and I do hang out, I feel like she wants to be there. But I always feel like she only wants to hang out for an hour. I know I need to stop comparing our friendships, but it really bothers me that she will hang out with Shana all day and night, but I only get a short time. I would never expect someone to hang out with me all day, but when you’re having fun and have no other plans, why end it after such a short time? That’s why I don’t get it.

Anyway, this has turned into an essay, and I still feel like I haven’t accurately expressed everything that I wanted to. There’s just way too many details I left out, but this will just drag on even longer if I try to include them all. I just feel like I seem like I’m just being jealous. Which maybe I am, but it’s hard not to when someone else changes your friendship with someone so much.

Love, Tigritsa

The One with the TopBox November 2015 Box


Last week, I received my very first TopBox! As a Canadian, it is very hard to find a good subscription box based in Canada. 3 out of 5 of my current subscriptions are based in the States, so I have to pay shipping on them. :/ With TopBox, shipping is free, and it’s only $12 a month.

I like that they give an option to ship in a cylinder tube, or an organza bag. The bag is more eco-friendly, plus it fits in the mailbox! That is important! I hate having to go to the post office when I miss a package!

So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Cream

I have heard good things about this brand so I’m excited to try this. When I first took it out of its package, the brush looked kind of gross, and I wondered if I received a used product. The creams themselves were untouched, so I asked some girls on a facebook group, and it seems most of their brushes looked the same. One girl said it might be a coating of wax, so let’s hope it’s that. Either way, I think I’ll skip using the brush it comes with. The colours are really pretty, and I love that this company is cruelty-free, and non-comedogenic! Two big pluses in my book!

SeaRX Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub

I received two small tubes of this scrub, and they are definitely not anywhere near full. That was a little disappointing. Full-size of this product is pretty expensive so that’s probably why the sample is so tiny. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I like these sort of products so I know I’ll use them, at least.

Revlon Style Masters Modular Hairspray

It’s not the most exciting product to receive, but a travel size hair spray does come in handy. With that said, the button is kind of hard to hold down, and the smell is that typical gross hairspray smell that I hate! I always buy one that doesn’t smell so overpowering. I bet I won’t even end up using this stuff.

TheFaceShop Brightening Character Mask

This is super cute. I don’t know why I’m excited to try this! It’s the cheapest item that came in the box, but looks fun. It’s supposed to brighten skin and leave it feeling matte. I hope so, because I do have oily skin. Mostly, I just want to try this and take some selfies of myself looking like a puppy. ;)

My overall impression of TopBox was unfortunately not good. I’m seriously debating if I want to stay subscribed. I will definitely give it another month. It’s not breaking the bank, and there’s great opportunity for it to get better. Plus, I just love receiving mail…

À bientôt,

The One with the Birchbox Canada November 2015 Box


Along with my Ipsy glam bag, I received my BirchBox Canada box on Friday! Out of my 3 monthly subscriptions, BirchBox was the one I was looking forward to most, for a couple of reasons. One, last month’s box was such a hit for me. I really was blown away that I received 5 products that I loved and was able to use. Two, I really enjoy their YouTube videos, social media accounts in general, and the overall feel I get from their company.

Another thing I like about BirchBox is they let you customize an item in your box (or choose a curated box, where you will see everything you are getting in advance). Everyone received a LOC Shadow Stick, and I was able to choose my colour, which was pretty awesome. So, let’s take a look inside the gorgeous green box.

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

I got a Beauty Protector item in my last BirchBox and it’s just about gone. I really loved it and I think I will buy a full size. This product didn’t come in the same type of spray bottle as the other one. Instead, it came in these two little glass bottles. It is supposed to defend against heat and breakage. I would consider using this product on my ends to fight breakage but I’m not sure about using an oil anywhere else in my hair. While I don’t like the packaging, I have high hopes for this product. It does smell amazing, might I add.

Benefit Puff Off! Eye Gel

I’m not prone to puffy eyes but I am definitely not immune. It does happen every now and then. I am a mom, afterall. ;) I will save this for one of those days. It says it instantly reduces puffiness, and also, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, which is an added bonus.

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Blow Dry Spray

I’ve never used a blow dry spray before! Actually, I don’t even blow dry my hair. I stopped using excess heat on my hair years and years ago and it has made a huge difference. Maybe once every 3 months, I will use a blow dryer. This product is supposed to give added volume, so I will save it for those very odd times that I do pick up the hair dryer. I find it strange that a heat protectant is not in its formula. It smells really really good, though.

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick

This was the product that we were able to choose our colour. I chose Day Trip, which is described as a warm copper. I had the hardest time choosing between the 3 choices because they all looked so pretty! In the end, I chose a more neutral shade since I’m just getting used to makeup again. I’ve tried this on already and wow, it really is a stunning shade. This is a creaseless, waterproof shadow. It’s not going anywhere until you decide to remove it! I should point out that it is shimmery.

Temple Spa La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel

I saved the worst for last. At first glance, I thought, “who can’t use body wash?” That was before I took the lid off to take a whiff. You know, there are always going to be scents you love, and then scents that aren’t your cup of tea. And then there is this. It’s simply not useable. It stinks so bad. Whoever thought mixing peppermint, basil and patchouli together for a shower gel really did not smell the finished product!

This BirchBox was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I didn’t love it as much as October’s box. My favourite item is definitely the LOC Shadow Stick. The hair oil, eye gel and blow dry spray aren’t bad items but they don’t really cater to my needs so I have a feeling they will be sitting around for a long time before I get around to using them. And then there’s the awful shower gel that I might just toss since I won’t use it anyway. I know I’m not as happy as last month, but when you think about it, the cost of the shadow stick alone is $12 so that makes the price of the box worth it!

Stay tuned for my TopBox review!
xoxo, Tigritsa

The One with the Ipsy November 2015 Glam Bag


My Ipsy glam bag came in the mail last week – Friday, to be exact. Since I worked all weekend, I’m just getting around to doing my review now, and my BirchBox review will be coming soon, too! ;)

So, this is my second glam bag. I’ve been looking at the spoilers in my account so I knew what to expect in my bag. I’m wondering if I should stop doing that or not. I kind of like being surprised, but at the same time, knowing that I can know what I’m getting, it’s hard not peeking! I really love the makeup bag. It’s very pretty and I will definitely use it.

Tucker Ashley Perfecting Moisturizer

I’m not against receiving a moisturizer in my bag, but I have to admit, I’m a little worried to try this. It’s for the face and I usually only use non-comedogenic products. My skin is very prone to breakouts so I have to be careful about what I use. I might end up gifting this if I can’t use it.

Jelly Pong Pong Liquid Gossamer

This was the only product I was really disappointed in for this bag. While I love the company name and get a good laugh out of it, I’m literally clueless about what a “liquid gossamer” is. On the back, it clarifies that it is a luminizer, but that still doesn’t really help me. I don’t know much about makeup! I like that this product is non-comedogenic and cruelty free, but I’m pretty sure I won’t use it.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

I will never get mad at getting a mascara in my glam bag! It’s something I use every day, so I know I will use it. This mascara is really nice. My lashes look great! I’m not a fan of the gigantic brush, though. The size of the brush made it really difficult for me to coat my inner lashes without making a mess on my eyes!

Absolute New York Nano Liner

This is an “ultra-fine precision liquid liner” that I can’t wait to try. I just recently started experimenting with black eyeliner so I’m very happy to receive this. I was going to go out and buy one, but now I don’t have to. That’s what I like about subscribing to these beauty bags/boxes. The tip looks super fine, as it says, so I think this will work great. It does say “water resistant” which I don’t like, but at least now I have some waterproof eye makeup remover on hand!!

trèStiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon

When I first pulled this out of the bag, I thought the lid had fallen off, and I was looking through the bag to find it. After my blond moment, I realized that red tip was the lid. XD I received the colour “Chile Red” and I really like it. I only tried it on so I don’t know about longevity. I did like how this lip crayon went on my lips, and I love the colour. I really need to get over my shyness of wearing red lips because I’ve discovered red actually looks good on me!

Overall, I’d rate this glam bag a 3 out of 5. Similar to October’s bag, I’ll only use three products, while two get to sit around in my growing beauty stash! I have joined some groups on Facebook that trade their stuff, but I’m wondering if the cost of shipping is even worth it.

As my 4 year old likes to say… peace out!

The One with the BirchBox Canada October 2015 Box


I received my October BirchBox yesterday. The mail man jammed it into the mail box so badly, I almost couldn’t get it out! I went back and forth a lot before deciding to go through with this subscription. It’s $10 a month plus $4.95 shipping and handling. That’s pretty cheap but after ordering from Ipsy and FabFitFun first, I realized that the exchange rate for Canadians is downright bad. Luckily, I figured out BirchBox has a Canadian version that charges Canadian dollars. I was disappointed that I still had to pay shipping, when it’s being advertised as Canadian. It seems like most of the American subscription boxes out there do not charge shipping within the U.S.

I’m glad I decided, in the end, to subscribe. My first box exceeded my expectations. I got 5 items I will actually use, unlike my Ipsy bag, which had 2 items I will absolutely never use. I love the look of the BirchBox box. It’s like a pink marble design. Very pretty!

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-in Conditioner

I can’t wait to try this. I’ve been meaning to buy a leave-in conditioner but never remembered while I was shopping. This one says it protects from heat damage, and locks in colour. I straighten and dye my hair, so that’s perfect for me!

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo / Conditioner bonus sample

They threw in a one-time use bonus sample of the conditioner, so it’s nice to be able to try that out with the shampoo. The shampoo says it is for coarse or frizzy hair. Since I have the latter, hopefully it works. It smells great, too! You can’t be mad at receiving shampoo in one of these boxes. Who couldn’t use shampoo, right?!

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Nourishing Moisturizer

I am super excited about this! It took me a second to figure out what it was because the packaging is predominately in French. This is thick cream for your face. It’s supposed to heal dryness and prep skin for foundation. At that dreaded time of the month, I get terrible acne, which I treat with tea tree oil. That stuff works but it dries your skin out badly! This moisturizer will be perfect to use on those spots that need a lot of extra moisture! The tube you get is super tiny but I’m only going to use it a little at a time.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Well, I must say I have never seen mascara packaged like this before! It’s very different, and I wonder how the wand gets to the very corners of the tube. I’m assuming it doesn’t and then a lot of the mascara will go to waste. Mascara is my go-to make-up item so I’m excited to try this out. It will definitely get used!

ModelCo Ultra Long-Lasting Lipstick – Stiletto

I think I’m in love. I have never been a lipstick girl, but I tried this on, took some selfies, and got complimented a lot. I was shocked! It’s a pinky red colour and I wouldn’t have thought such a bold colour would look good on me, but it’s made an impression. I hope to work up the courage to wear this outside the house. I feel so fancy when I wear anything other than BB cream and mascara, and I’m trying to get out of that way of thinking. Anyway, I think I will buy another tube of this stuff when I run out, because I love it that much.

So, there we have it. I’m highly impressed BirchBox! I like that all 5 items are useable for me. It makes the money I paid completely worth it. A huge part of why I’ve started subscribing to these boxes is because I really want to try experimenting with new products and make-up but I feel shy about it. These boxes are helping me try things I would never buy myself, and it’s paying off. It feels good to treat yourself, also! :)

Au revoir,

The One with the FabFitFun Fall 2015 Box


As I mentioned in my last post, I am new to the world of subscription boxes, so I’ve been super anxious to start receiving my boxes in the mail. My FabFitFun box came today! It is a quarterly box, so the next one won’t come until winter and I’m not sure I can wait that long! I was just so impressed with this box! It’s $49.99 USD a box (every 3 months) or you can become a “VIP member” with the annual subscription for $179.99 USD for the year. I chose to get the annual subscription because, in the end, it was cheaper, but best of all, you get to choose the colours of items you get in the box. Unfortunately, I did not get to choose for this box because I discovered it after it had already started shipping in September.

Just a little warning to Canadians – the exchange rate is going to kick you in the ass, and you do have to pay $8 in shipping per box. It comes down to about $68.75 CAD per box. Keep in mind that the value of these boxes is always $200++ so it is still worth it. It just might come as a shock when you’re first starting your order so I thought I would mention it.

I just absolutely loved how this was packaged. The box was just too cute. It really makes you excited to open the box and I still feel happy thinking about it. It comes with a very professional pamphlet explaining all the products and it tells you the worth of them, also. This box was worth $357! Let’s look inside.

FabFitFun Everyday Wireless Speaker

I was able to use a promo code FALLJAMS to receive a hot pink wireless speaker for free in addition to my fall box. This speaker is from the most recent summer box and I really wanted it! It comes in teal and pink. I loved both the colours so I was happy with either one of them. I’m a little happy I got the pink though, so my boyfriend is less enticed to steal it! ;)

Passport to Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask

You get two gold face masks inside the box. I’ve seen pictures on Instagram of girls with their masks on and I can’t wait to try it so I, too, can look like The Man in the Iron Mask! :P The description says it will help stimulate circulation, increase enzyme activity, and soothe skin.

FabFitFun x Tappan Collective Umbrella

I adore this umbrella. However, this is one of the cases where you are able to choose what colour you receive if you have an annual subscription. Out of the 5 colours, yellow was my last choice! I just thought the other colours were much prettier and the words “rain, rain, go away” really stood out. Oh well. It’s a great quality umbrella that I plan on keeping in the car for those days that rain just seems to come out of nowhere!

Tribe Alive Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet with hand-cut glass crystals! I got the grey jade bracelet and while I do love it, again, it would have been my last choice in colour. I clearly got all the leftovers! However, I am happy it is a piece of jewellery that I will actually wear.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lucky Lip Stain

I like this colour a lot and I like that it is a primer, lip gloss, and lip stain all-in-one. I’m not a big makeup person but it’s actually my goal to start wearing it a little bit more. I will wear this colour for sure.

Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid Moisturizer

I can’t be angry with skin products! While I do have to be careful with what I put on my skin, this moisturizer is all natural so that is a plus. It’s supposed to visually correct uneven skin tone and brighten the skin, so here’s to hoping!

Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle / Total Body Tone with Tubing: Lower Body & Core DVD

This would fall under the “fit” part of FabFitFun! I’m not that into exercising anymore. I haven’t used my gym membership in way longer than I care to admit. Maybe receiving fitness items in these boxes will inspire me to start working out again.

HISY Portable Power Bank

I love that we got this portable charger. Who doesn’t need one of these? It’s super handy to just throw in your purse! The light green was my last choice in colour again and it’s what I got. Oh, what a tough life. I can’t wait until the next box when I can choose my colours! But anyway, it only comes with a USB cable compatible with an Android phone. iPhone users will have to use their own cables, unfortunately.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Charm and Tassle

It is Domestic Violence Awareness month and this was included to help spread awareness, by attaching this tassle to your purse. I’m not a fan of tassles so I will put this on my purse for the rest of October, but I might end up taking it off.

Also included in this box was a sample of Crest 3D White fluoride toothpaste and whitening gel, plus coupons to go with it. I’ll probably try this product out. Why not? You also get a $15 gift card for The Jeweler’s Wife. It will be interesting to see what the prices are like and what shipping will cost to Canada. It might not be worth it! And the last gift card is for Picture It On Canvas for $75. I will definitely be using this, but again, we will see what shipping costs will be!!

UPDATE: I tried out the Picture It On Canvas gift card, which is actually a coupon code, my mistake. Canadians, it’s not worth it at all. It’s $30 for the shipping alone for the cheapest canvas (the cost goes up the larger the canvas) and the coupon code does not cover the shipping. The Jeweler’s Wife gift card is also not worth it. Shipping to Canada is $30! I have no idea why it has to be so expensive when on the Alex and Ani website, it’s $10. So much for these gift cards/coupons. *sigh*

Overall, I am really happy with the products I received in this box. I found out about this subscription on Instagram. I follow some girls from The Bachelor and a couple of them were posting pictures so I was intrigued and then I researched it. I’m really looking forward to being able to choose my colours for select items for the winter box. The giddy feeling while opening the box is worth it, alone, but I’m so happy that 90% is stuff I will actually use.

Come on winter (box)! Because winter itself can stay away.

xoxo, Tigritsa

The One with the Ipsy October 2015 Glam Bag


I’ve recently been introduced to subscription boxes. I’m super excited to have received my very first box, although it’s actually a bag, from Ipsy! I found out that this company is owned by Michelle Phan, whose YouTube tutorials I used to watch a lot back in the day. That fact alone made me feel comfortable subscribing. Every month I pay $10 to be sent a small makeup bag filled with 5 sample items. Because I am Canadian, I also have to pay the $4.95 shipping. Unfortunately, there are not many subscription boxes that originate in Canada. But I think this is such a fun idea. Who doesn’t love mail? And it will be a nice surprise when you see what comes in your bag!

First, let me talk about the bag. It’s smaller than I expected. It’s a beautiful textured gold on one side and a shiny black on the other. I think the bag is very pleasing to the eye. Recently, I have a new found appreciation for gold after disliking it for most of my life!

Now, let’s talk about the products inside the bag!

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

I’m excited to try this the most out of all the items I received. It’s supposed to strengthen your hair, which I need badly due to breakage! I live the ponytail life at work. ;) Tomorrow, when I wash my hair, I’m definitely using this!

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I got the shade “Committed.” I’ll be honest. I have not worn lipstick in 10 years, if I were to venture a guess. I’m not savvy with makeup in general but lipstick especially, or even lip gloss, I avoid. I thought the colour would be too harsh but I tried it on and loved it. It’s very matte and stays on even after I tried scrubbing it off with water. I’m happy with this product!

Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes eyeliner

I thought this was going to be black but it is actually “plum.” The eyeliner itself is very nice. Glides on smooth. I’m just not keen on the colour. I don’t think it works for me. I love light purple eyeliner and maybe I’m just not used to dark colours on my eyes. I might experiment with it, but I might not.

Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp Exfoliating Cleanser

This is a 99% natural product made in Canada! The ingredients and their purposes all sound great to me. Papaya, aloe, coconut…softer, brighter, younger looking skin. I can’t imagine seeing results from a little 20g tube but I am excited to try this, as I do have some skin issues. Hopefully this will help! The best thing about it? Not tested on animals. Thumbs up to Vasanti!

DOSE Color Pill Nail Polish

The colour is called “Stormy.” It’s a dark purple, and it’s not bad. I just have to say I hate the tube so much. Because of it’s shape, you can’t put it down while doing your nails. You will have to hold it in your hand while also applying the polish. Now that’s just a dumb design. I would never buy a bottle shaped like that, even if I like the colour. I stuck to applying it to my toenails because I just did not have the coordination for finger nails!

So, that’s it for my first review. I think I will do this monthly as it will give me something to blog about! I also have a few other glam bags and boxes coming in soon so I will review them as well! It’s such a thrill! I can’t believe I had not heard of these subscriptions sooner. I am going to have a lot of fun with these!

Til next time, xoxo