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The One with the October 2017 Favourites

I’m pretty sure we’re all shocked at how fast October flew by! I think before we know it, it’s going to be Christmas! I’ve been pretty disappointed in the weather this Fall. Instead of crisp yet sunny days, we’ve got stuck with gloomy, rainy days for the most part! Or at least on all the days I actually had off work! Of course! 😉 I hope November gives us a bit of nice weather before the inevitable snowfall – which luckily we haven’t had yet in my neck of the woods!

When I thought back on what products I really enjoyed using last month, a lot of skincare came to mind. A lot of these products I actually finished up in October and when I’m sad to see a product go into the empty bin, I know it was a hit! Let’s look at what I loved from October!


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

Very rarely do I find a moisturizer that I’m willing to call a favourite but this one has really impressed me! In the pot, it looked like it would be too rich for my liking (because I worry about breakouts) but luckily, I experienced no new acne when using this! It’s a lot more lightweight than I expected, too.

Another area that this cream surprised me was that it didn’t make me look greasy! I used it for the first time as a night moisturizer but when I saw how well it was holding up against my oily skin, I started using it in the AM as well. It also worked wonderfully under makeup with zero issues!

This cream made my skin feel super hydrated but not only that – soft and brighter, too. The only downside to this moisturizer is the price and that is because it retails for $75 CAD for 50 ml!! That is a lot of money to spend on face cream and I’m not sure if I can bring myself to do it or not! Luckily, I have two backups in my stash!

Check it out here!

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

Wow, I just say that I rarely have moisturizers I consider favourites and here I go including a second moisturizer in my favourites! XD Well, I just couldn’t help it because there’s no way I can leave this out!

I am in love with this cream! It is the perfect daytime moisturizer! It reminds me a lot of a gel moisturizer but without the annoying pilling! Cloud Cream is the perfect name for it because it really does feel as light as a cloud but it packs some serious hydration! But just like the Drunk Elephant, it doesn’t make my oily skin look greasy at all!

Again, price is a bit of an issue. It’s $64 CAD for 48 ml. It’s slightly cheaper than the Drunk Elephant but not by much. Damn me for falling in love with expensive moisturizers!!

Check it out here!

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in “Petal”

This has become my go-to lip balm when I want some colour but I still want to keep my lips moisturized and comfortable. It’s the most pigmented tinted lip balm that I’ve ever tried!

I have a couple other shades of these lip balms but “Petal” is definitely my favourite and I’ve been wearing it non stop! “Petal” is such a beautiful rosy mauve and I love how it looks on me! It doesn’t come out too dark and brown on me (which is how a lot of supposed mauves and nudes turn out).

This is $29 for a full size (mine is a mini) so it’s hard to say if I’d be willing to pay that price but I think in the end, I actually would. This is a mini and it looks like I barely dented it when really, I’ve been using it quite a bit. Oh and this smells amazing btw. I always think of it as raspberry lemonade but that’s just me. XD

Check it out here!

Nars Skin Multi-Action Hydrating Toner

Nars Skin Multi-Action Hydrating Toner

This was a Winners find and I probably wouldn’t have bought it normally but at the time, I was completely out of toner. It was a small bottle but only $7.99. I was also really curious about it because prior to seeing this at Winners, I never knew Nars had skincare!

Yet again, I was blown away by a product that I didn’t expect to be amazing!! But it’s just toner right?! It can’t be that amazing… yet somehow, it is. A lot of my face cleansers I’ve been trying recently have left my skin feeling parched. Using this toner afterwards adds hydration to my skin by leaps and bounds and gets rid of that awful tight feeling!

My skin feels so refreshed after using this and it helps even out my complexion a little, too. I also noticed it helps shrink my pores and it leaves my skin super smooth. It’s alcohol-free also, which is nice!

Oh and the smell!! I wish I could describe it but I’ve spent the entire time using this bottle trying to come up with what it smells like and I can’t put my finger on it. I just know it smells incredible!

This is another pricey product though at $32 USD which is roughly $40 CAD for 200 ml. So sad about that. But it’s Nars, so what can you expect, right?!

Check it out here!


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

Here is a mascara that I have seen around the beauty community in photos but very rarely heard anything about it. It’s not a mascara that is talked about a lot and after trying it, I was super shocked about that. If I knew it was so good, I would have started using it sooner! I have 3 in my stash, afterall! XD

So what do I love about it? It gives me the perfect combination of long and full lashes!! Which for some reason, for me, is hard to find in a mascara. I experience zero clumping, flaking or smudging which is super important to me!! It also keeps my lashes curled and I just love how fanned out they look.

My only complaint is that my tube started drying up very quickly. I think about 2 weeks after opening it, I started noticing this. For some reason, drier formulas really prevent the mascara from coating the very tips of my lashes and that’s what is happening here. The initial amazing length I was getting from this when it was wetter suddenly dissipated when it started turning drier. But I’m still considering this a favourite because it’s very possible that it dried out fast because I’ve had this mini size for so long.

This is around the $30 mark for a full size which I’ve never in my life paid for a mascara. I have a huge collection of mascaras as well so I’d have to assess whether I’d buy the full size if I ever run out of my deluxe samples!

Check it out here!

Miscellaneous Faves

Starting last month, I’m including some random favourites whether it be a song or a tv show or whatever. Whatever I’m feeling for that month just to add a little personalization beyond what makeup I like!

Candle: This was a cute find from Winners! I don’t usually buy candles there but when I saw this fox jar, I absolutely had to have it!! Silly me didn’t even smell it until I got home, that’s how much I loved the design! It turned out to be Pumpkin Spice which of course, is one of my favourite candle scents!

I’ve been obsessed with lighting this every night! I actually can’t wait until it’s done because I plan on using the adorable jar to hold brushes or something makeup related. I just want it on my vanity, anyway. And when I say vanity, I mean my computer desk or the shelf near it… oh how I would love an actual vanity!

Drink: Guys, I’m obsessed with Earl Grey tea lately! I actually hadn’t had it for years and years. I’ve been drinking Orange Pekoe when I wanted a black tea. But I became reacquainted with Earl Grey and I’ve been drinking it non stop. Any other tea lovers out there?!

Movie: Little Women!! This has always been one of my favourite movies but I don’t think I’ve watched it in at least 5 years or so. It’s been a long time! I was inspired to watch it after listening to Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast where she was talking about it with her sister Lauren. It just gave me instant nostalgia and I watched it the next day! It’s such a good movie that I find myself thinking about it even weeks afterwards!

Well, that it’s for my October favourites! I’m curious if we shared any of the same favourites or at least likes for October? Let me know in the comments and tell me your favourites as well!

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47 thoughts on “The One with the October 2017 Favourites”

  1. Ahh this is such a cool list! I want to try that NARS toner because it seems perfect for colder days. And I also have been loving all sorts of tea lately, earl grey included, so you’re definitely not the only one;D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness – Little Women! I haven’t watched that movie in ages but it is so good. Makes me cry every time, even after having read the book like 100 times. I have been wanting to try that Drunk Elephant cream but also worry about it being a touch rich, I will have to take another peek. Love your picks!


    1. I’ve never read the book! I imagine it’s pretty amazing but I admit I don’t normally read older novels. The Drunk Elephant surprised the crap out of me! XD It’s really nice and wasn’t too heavy on my skin!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no idea why I get these reactions, but my lips get super itchy. One time I had blisters and hives all over my mouth. 😭


  3. I never knew Nars did skincare so I’ve learnt something from your post 🙌 I’ve wanted to try Drunk Elephant for so long but the price always stopped me but a great Moisturiser is well worth so I should start there.


    1. It seems like most people had no idea!

      I agree a great moisturizer is important. And they’re hard to find! I have a hard time spending a lot of money on one product so I’m happy to have a couple mini backups!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re so lucky you don’t have snow yet, I came off our plane in a t shirt and capris and there was a foot of snow on the ground!
    I guess there’s a reason why some skincare brands are expensive, the PTR moisturizer sounds especially great to me! I can never justify the price though, so I guess that’s why I never know how great they are xD
    Whaaaat I had no idea either that NARS had skincare, Winners has the greatest finds. That fox candle is so cute!


    1. I know! Still no snow thankfully. Getting cold though! You must have been freezing coming off the plane in a t-shirt and capris! XD
      I think PTR is so overpriced. Well, I think most brands are lol. I just don’t get how they can charge that much?! It’s why I like the minis!!


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