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The One with the Ipsy June 2017 Glam Bag

Hello everyone! I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet here on my blog or not, but this Saturday and Sunday, I am going to Generation Beauty by Ipsy! I am sooooo excited! I went last year (you can read my full day recaps here and here) and it was so worth it. How many of you ladies are going?!

On to my Ipsy bag… I’m much happier with my bag this month than I was my May bag! This month, I participated in choosing an item. We have the option to email Ipsy and choose one item for our bag between a handful of products. I’ve never done it before because I find it very difficult to choose, so I always ended up leaving it a surprise. But since I wasn’t crazy about last month’s bag, I thought I better make sure I get one product that I’m really happy with!

What is it? Ipsy Glam Bag
How much is it? $10 USD per month or $110 USD yearly
Ships to? Canada & US
Shipping costs? $4.95 USD per month; Free for US
What’s inside? 5 deluxe sample or full size beauty products, plus a makeup bag

Beauté Basics Travel Face Blender
This face sponge is considerably smaller than my Real Techniques sponge, hence the “travel size.” I’m not sure if anyone really needs a travel size sponge but I guess it’s nice to have the option! Personally, I don’t think I would have thought to seek one out. Anyway, I like that I got a makeup sponge in my bag but I’m not sure if I’m going to like this particular one. It feels very hard. I haven’t wet it or used it yet so I’m not sure how it performs. Hopefully it’s good!
Retail Value: $13.21 CAD (full size)

Margaret Dabbs Treatment-Enriched Nail Polish
This is the shade “Green Daylilly” and it’s a beautiful dark turquoise on the nails. I only did one nail quickly to test out the colour and I found one coat is enough to be opaque and not streaky. It dries pretty quickly, too. This polish is enriched with Wild Rose botanical extract and Vitamin E, and it is 3-free. I normally like to use at least 5-free and most of the time only end up using anything less one time just to try it and not going back to it. But this colour is so pretty, so it may become a favourite!
Retail Value: $23.57 CAD (full size)

Cake Beauty Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion
This was the item I selected for my bag. It is the “coconut & cream” scent. I was so surprised by how big this tube was! The reason I chose this is because I’m obsessed with this lotion! So while it is something that I have tried many times in the past, I figured it is an item I know I’m guaranteed to use and get my money’s worth. I actually think I’ve only used the hand cream before so this may actually be a little different to try since it’s the body lotion! One thing is for sure – it smells amazing! And I know these creams are so moisturizing!
Retail Value: $3.56 CAD for 60 ml (full size is $14 for 236 ml)

PÜR Fully Charged Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology
Wow, this sounds interesting! The formula is apparently made out of magnets (?!) so it latches on to every single lash. I have never heard of anything like this so I can’t wait to try it out! It claims to separate and fan out your lashes which is something I love in a mascara! I love that this sample comes sealed. I hate when companies send out unsealed mascara samples. I feel much better that this will stay good until I’m ready to open it!
Retail Value: $9.53 for 4 ml (full size is $30.98 for 13 ml)

theBalm INSTAIN Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush
So we all know theBalm likes to send out these teensy tiny samples for us to try but I have to say, at least this one is bigger than their bronzer sample.  XD I’m actually pretty happy to get this sample because I really love the colour. It’s a pinky plum shade called “Pinstripe.” It’s pigmented and has such a nice sheen to it. If it doesn’t work out as a blush for me, it will be an amazing eyeshadow colour.
Retail Value: $6.08 CAD for 1.15 g (full size is $29.09 for 5.5 g)

Total Retail Value: $55.95 CAD

Final Thoughts? I think I got a great bag this month. Because it worked out so well for me, I think I will choose an item every month from now on. The only item I wasn’t big on was the face sponge but that is more to do with how hard it is. Otherwise, I don’t mind getting a sponge! The item I am most excited about is the PÜR mascara! I’m curious to try out that magnetic technology! The bag itself is pretty cute but I’m not in love with it. It’s just ok for me!

What did you guys think of your Ipsy bags?!

xoxo, Tigritsa


5 thoughts on “The One with the Ipsy June 2017 Glam Bag

  1. I’m going to be at Gen Beauty too! I should be easy to spot, I’m a redhead, curly hair in a wheelchair. Last year there was only two of us in wheelchairs, so I don’t know what the turnout will be like. It’s a rental, so my friends are pushing me, but don’t hesitate, just be careful, they are bad drivers. My name is Dana, DAH-nuh rhymes with banana. I’d love to say hi! 😊

    I received the green polish as well, and I completely agree! My daughter has aspergers, and one thing is, they sometimes fixate on things. She hates the colour green, (she’s 15) and she will point it out and get very dramatic. She thinks she’s being funny, but it’s a strange sense of humour… so I may have to sneak it on my toes! Ha ha! ☺

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